I am living in BeWo in Herford and have neither partner nor kids. I have used my bike on a heavy base for eleven years. Jobs came and went and now I'm doing voluntary work for the Solid Project. Because of certain, wellknown reasons I am living the life of a psychonaut. I love the San Francisco campus radio, adjust my emotional balance with the help of music and drink coffee, sometimes milk, apple juice and Becks. Although no more reading regularly, I like to learn code as well as life, to widen my point of view and to enlarge and protect my family of choice. Sometimes I produce words and content with a 108-key-keyboard and with the text editor nano. The home machine is running MXLinux and the root machines are crowd-administered and run Debian. No, I don't like the fucking meds. Yes, consider me a dreamer. My three favourite cities are Calvi (Corse), SF and Amsterdam.

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