I am living in BeWo in Herford and have neither partner nor kids. I am doing a mid-challenging job, which I constantly am arranging with. In my sparetime I listen to KUSF and drink Becks. I have a Java library online and am fan of debianbased Distros. I consider solidproject.org as my community home and try to increase my efforts for these fine folks. Although I have a drug past (as you all know) I am inside of the whole system that has taken care of me and the judge and the social staff do their best to motivate me and keep me hanging on. My root passwords seem to be strong enough and safe enough for my aims and I' ve shared them with my grassroots fellows. I am using my bike on a daily base and am on strong medication, which has not the slightest effect. As a Dub and garage rock folk I and I call trustbeliefloverespect a direction to walk towards. I don' t own weapons. Turtle is a basic idea and Tim lends a helping hand for every single beginner question. My server has 24/7 uptime and is my baby. I have no financial worries.

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